Emergency Response Services for People with Disabilities and Seniors

Pioneer Emergency Response Services is proud to team up with the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter to offer an emergency alarm for disabled citizens ! Pioneer Emergency Response Services, Inc. has dedicated itself to the personal safety and protection of its clients since 1978. Our medical alarm systems provide disabled clients ability to summon help in an emergency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With the touch of a button, you will be connected with our five-diamond Medical Monitoring Center Emergency Operator who will promptly dispatch the emergency help you need. We also have paramedics at the call center 24/7.

The command console is the size of a telephone answering machine and is plugged into a telephone jack and power outlet in a central part of the home. In the event of an emergency, you press the emergency button (either on the pendant or wristband or the button on the unit itself). Two-way communication is established between you and the trained operator who will then dispatch the paramedics or whomever you wish us to call (friends, neighbors, family members, caregivers).

Our affordable medical alert system allows our client to live independently at home enjoying the safety and security our service provides.

Our Pioneer Bodyguard unit is UL approved, made in the USA, and is 100% guaranteed.

The system incorporates a rechargeable back-up battery inside to provide service in the event of a power loss. The pendant and wristbands are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and most important of all—WATERPROOF .  We even have alternative signaling devices like a “sip and puff” sensor for those who are unable to use their hands to push the Emergency button.

Pioneer Emergency also offers other features such as automatic medication dispenser/ reminder, fall detection, and daily check-in calls.

Every ISOCDISAB member who orders online will receive a free lock box, which allows emergency response personal to enter the home without breaking down the door.